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Over the years Murphy customer support has been personal in nature and provided at very high degree of interaction. By implementing new technologies and dedicated staff Factory Direct Support level will be greatly professionalized and improved. At the same time, there is a need for careful cost accounting and time recovery for the ongoing support and to provide for our customers the best value for their money.

For that reason the following policy of charging out Factory Direct Support is in effect as of May 1st 2016, based on four levels of different support offered:

Level 1 support – 10%

Complete kit is sold to a new customer. The price of all new kits has the cost of Factory Direct Support included and it is shown as a separate line item and represents real value of customer support. There is no option to purchase any kit without Factory Direct Support.

Level 2 support – 5%

Kit in a crate or a partially built kit changes hands. Customer support is starting all over with a new builder and the price includes new Factory support registration.

Level 3 support – 3%

Firewall back has been built and the kit changes hands. Support is now involved in firewall forward support, floats, wheels, accessories, options and after completion support.

Level 4 support -1%

The plane is fully built, certified and registered and as such changes hands.

Please note that:

  • Fee is based on the percentage of current list price of a specific plane kit for which support is being acquired.
  • Factory support is non transferable, it has no cash value and it cannot be sold to a third party.
  • Factory support is valid for 7 years from the date of purchase, after which date it has to be renewed.
  • If the plane is not finished in initial 7 years, a new Factory support fee applies, at a Level 2 pricing.

Our customers are our VIP's and that is the level of the treatment they get.

Factory Direct Support includes:

  • Direct and unlimited in person support by calling our factory between the hours of 9AM-3PM Pacific Standard Time five days a week at number: 604-792-5855 (ext 103)
  • Unlimited support by email on murtech@murphyair.com
  • Unlimited web access to our support, to all documentation, all service bulletins and notices
  • VIP client treatment with pre releases, access to latest options and accessories and new plane trials
  • Discount on web ordered factory parts of 10%, tier A options of 5% and tier B options at 2%

Tyler Penner, GM
tpenner@murphyair.com Murphy Aircraft Mfg, Ltd

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