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The Elite is manufactured using exceptionally accurate computer controlled punches, lathes and milling machines, eliminating the need for complicated jigs. All you need is a good level working table (approximately 16' long), some storage room and you're ready to assembly your new Elite. You will soon find that we have taken the complexity out of building an all metal aircraft and within a few hours you will be completing your first component.

All welding is done at the factory and powder coating is standard. Control column; rudder and brake pedals; high back seat frames and engine mount are ready to assemble. The engine mount is powder coated white which will allow for easy identification of any crack or oil leaks.

The Elite offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and low maintenance costs, with ease of inspection and repair. This lightweight aircraft combines a larger cargo area while still providing excellent STOL characteristics. Its structure has also been designed to meet or exceed the airworthiness standards of the USA FAR Part 23, Subpart C, the UK BCAR Section S. and the Canadian D.O.T.

Designed with the option of tricycle gear, the Elite accommodates those pilots who liked the Rebel but were uncomfortable with a taildragger. The nosewheel is free swiveling and steering is accomplished through differential brake input, similar to steering amphibian floats. The tricycle gear mounts to two 2" square tubes running across the floor, and is sandwiched between four layers of skin thickness to absorb the landing loads and hold the gear steady.


The Elite offers you the benefits of an all metal airframe including separate flaps and ailerons that are both aerodynamically and mass balanced. The ailerons are activated by torque tubes. As with the Rebel, the flap handle is placed on the roof between pilot and passenger, allowing for easy access. The flaps are controlled by push/pull tubes giving an immediate, solid response. The system is unique in the fact that, with flap extension, the ailerons droop, providing very impressive slow flight. The roll rate on the Elite is crisp and the aerodynamic balance provides just the right mix between input and response. Dual controls including dual toe brakes are standard on the Elite making it ideal for flight training.

The instrument panel has been increased in depth and rounded on top, giving even more room to customize it for your needs. The empennage has been totally redesigned, the stabilizer is now a one-piece cantilevered component coupled to a one-piece elevator. This feature came directly from the development of our four place Super Rebel.


The Elite's fuselage has been shortened 3" to accommodate larger engines and to ensure the proper C of G is reached. The cabin floor still features a sub-floor design with 2" spacing, but now is assembled with one-piece .063 doorsills and floor bulkheads, increasing strength and decreasing build time. The rear cabin area has been increased in height by four inches and a larger door has been developed, allowing for easier access to the back for storage or an extra jump seat.


The tail enhancement reduces drag as well as simplifies the building process, while providing for superior stability and control. The stabilizer and fin are both constructed using symmetrical ribs between stringer-braced skins. The stabilizer is mounted to the fuselage at four points using four bolts. The elevator is attached at three hinge points to the stabilizer and features large, aerodynamically balanced aluminum tips to lighten flight loads. Along with the change in design, the rear empennage has grown in width and height. The horizontal width has increased to a lengthy 110" while the vertical plane now reaches 54" up, and has grown in width to handle the larger powerplant and higher gross weight. Cables are used for the elevator and rudder controls and an electric elevator trim is standard equipment.


The Elite wings remain relatively unchanged, using the same modified NACA 4415 airfoil as the Rebel, but feature strengthened attach points and a leading edge made from .032 aluminum instead of .020. These changes strengthen the wing increasing the gross weight to 1,800 lbs., as well as the option to countersink rivets in the leading edge.

Engine and Other Options

The Elite can be equipped with a variety of engines ranging from the economical Lycoming 0-235 (115 hp.), 0-320 (150-160 hp.) or up to the hearty 0-360, (180 hp.) Murphy Aircraft can supply you with a new engine directly from Lycoming, literally saving you thousands of dollars. Complete engine mounting packages are available or parts can be purchased individually to help you in your own custom installation. Also available at similar savings are factory new Sensenich metal propellers for years of trustworthy service.

Fuel capacity remains at 44 USG in two wet-wing fuel tanks, although an optional extended fuel tank is available increasing capacity to 58 USG.

The Elite kit includes aluminum spring gear, 6" "JD.M." aluminum main wheels accommodating 6.00 x 6 tires or optional 8.00 x 6 high profile tires. The brake disk material provides excellent heat dissipation that translates into long disc life and low upkeep costs. As with the Rebel, float fittings are an available option, opening the tantalizing world of float flying.

With the increased gross weight, plus the ability to use 180 hp., the Elite provides the individual with a rugged, economical and low maintenance, comfortable two-seater with ample space for luggage or a third passenger. The low stalling speed allows for good short field performance while still providing decent cruising speeds. The Elite will adapt to floats, skis or tricycle gear conversion.

Kit Options

The Elite can be purchased as a complete package or in convenient sub-kits. The complete kit is sold firewall back and does not include engine mount or cowling.

The sub-kits are broken down to:

  • Tail Kit: Horizontal stabilizer, rudder & elevator
  • Wing Kit: Complete wings including flaps and ailerons.
  • Fuselage Kit: Complete fuselage, landing gear and vertical stabilizer.


The Elite comes with well laid out assembly directions in an easy to follow step by step assembly manual. Do not be concerned that you do not have the ability to assemble the Elite.

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. has developed this kit truly for the first time builder. YOU CAN BUILD THIS AIRCRAFT!

With the increased gross weight and standard spring gear plus the ability to use 180 hp., the Elite is an excellent utility/recreational aircraft as well as an ideal platform for amphibious floats. Give us a call and let us tell you how we can custom fit the Elite to your budget and time schedule. If you are thinking seriously about building a kit aircraft, the Elite is a great place to start.





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