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Tyler Penner GM | February 3, 2017

            A few of you have expressed an update on our completely new design THE RADICAL... As of yesterday, the painting has been started, the instrument panel is almost complete and ready for install in the next day or two. It has been a bit of a battle as we are new to the whole glass cockpit configuration. All the Garmin products look sharp on the panel and we are glad we chose to take that route. Oregon Aero is covering the redesigned new fiberglass seats. We are all very excited to get them back upholstered with The RADICAL logo. As with any new aircraft design we have gone through leaps and bounds, trials and tribulations, and had our share of ups and downs. We will be at Sun N Fun in April to showcase the aircraft and encourage everyone to come by the booth and see The RADICAL up close, climb in and get a feel for this beautiful design by Darryl Murphy…

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