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Super STOL Bush Plane


The radical Aircraft is a culmination of 32 years of Aircraft design and building experience.  This design is a very roomy 2+2 aircraft. Even the largest of pilots will find they have plenty of head, leg and shoulder room.  The two large up swinging doors make it easy for even the less mobile to enter.  Side by side seating leaves a cavernous space behind the seats available for load carrying, so large in fact that two can sleep comfortably on the double floor, standard equipment on the Radical.

Engine Model O-360
Horse Power 180
Gross weight (lb.) 2,100
Empty weight (lb.) 1,150
Useful Load (lb.) 950
Wing Span (ft) 36
Take off Run (ft) 250
Landing Roll (ft) 300
Stall, no power 40MPH
Vne 140MPH
Cruise 125MPH
Rate of Climb 1,000 fpm at Gross Weight
(constant speed prop & normal size tires)

In Redevelopment, Kits production starts 2023 Spring

The ``Mini Beaver``


Versatility: the ability to adapt easily. Murphy Aircraft’s SR3500 Moose aircraft was designed with versatility foremost in mind. Seating for four is standard and adding the optional rear jump seats increases seating to six (US models only). With four seats in place, there is ample room for two tents, coolers, chairs and camping gear for four. Engine options range from the Lycoming O-540 series of engines to the 9-cylinder, 360 hp. M-14P radial engine. No lacking power here! A true workhorse, the Murphy Moose is the perfect STOL aircraft capable of operating from any surface on wheels, floats or skis. A perfect project for the first time builder with a big family or big ambitions!

Engine Model IO-540 M-14P
Horse Power 300 360
Gross weight (lb.) 3,500 3,500
Empty weight (lb.) 1,650-1,750 1,850-1,950
Useful Load (lb.) 1,750-1,850 1,550-1,650
Wing Span (ft) 182 182
Take off Run (ft) 800 600
Landing Roll (ft) 600 600
Stall, no power 58MPH 58MPH
Vne 189MPH 189MPH
Cruise 143MPH 150MPH
Rate of Climb 1,500fpm

Kits In Production

Aluminum STOL Bush Plane


The Rebel is an aluminum high wing, tail dragger with long range cruising capability and more leg, head, and shoulder room than you’ll find in any comparably priced aircraft kit. It is adaptable to oversized tires, floats, as well as skis, making it the plane for all seasons, all reasons.

Engine Model O-320
Horse Power 160
Gross Weight (lb.) 1,650
Empty Weighht (lb.) 950
Useful Load (lb.) 700
Wing Area (sq. ft) 150
Take Off Run (ft) 300
Landing Roll (ft) 400
Stall, no power 44
Vne 150
Cruise 120
Rate of Climb 1,200

Kits In Production



This is a four-seat, bush plane that is designed with versatility and durability foremost in mind. Imposing, all aluminum construction, and a cabin wider than a C-182. The fuselage employs a separate cargo compartment and cargo door, providing enough space to take you and 3 friends just about anywhere, without emptying your wallet. The economical Lycoming 0-360 will give you plenty of horses. For those in a hurry, the Yukon powered by the 210hp 10-390x will zip you across the skies at an impressive cruise speed.

Engine Model IO-390
Horse Power 210
Gross Weight (lb.) 2,550
Empty Weighht (lb.) 1,400-1,450
Useful Load (lb.) 1,100-1,150
Wing Area (sq. ft) 190
Take Off Run (ft) 350
Landing Roll (ft) 500
Stall, no power 50MPH
Vne 177MPH
Cruise 135MPH

*Parts are special orders



In many ways the Maverick is a scaled-down Rebel… an ultralight aircraft with a big plane feel to it. Building a Maverick is probably a whole lot easier, quicker, and more economical than you think. You do not need any special skills or any materials beyond what you can order for a kit. We’ve even covered all the logical options so you can get it all at once… from one source. If you have access to the space of a one-car garage, and some common hand tools, you can start building. Even with no experience in fabric covering, you will skin the wings and tail surprisingly easily with the help of a household iron and a paintbrush. If you’re willing to give it your spare time attention on a steady basis, you’ll be in the air in less than a year.

Engine Model O-503 O-582
Horse Power 55 65
Gross Weight (lb.) 950 950
Empty Weighht (lb.) 395-420 460-520
Useful Load (lb.) 530-420 490-510
Wing Area (sq. ft) 147 147
Take Off Run (ft) 150 100
Landing Roll (ft) 200 200
Stall, no power 32 32
Vne 120 120
Cruise 80 85
Rate of Climb 600 900

*Parts are special orders

All Aluminum Kitplane


Description Coming soon, please enjoy the pictures for now…

Performance        Elite

The pilot is working on it…


*Parts are special orders

Aerobatic Ultralight Biplane


If your preference is for the classic look, but you’d also like some modern performance numbers, the Renegade may be perfect. If you think you would enjoy following rivers in an open cockpit airplane and throwing yourself through an occasional loop or roll, the Renegade should be perfect. If you want a rugged biplane that goes together quickly, costs less than any other aerobatic biplane kit out there, and that has proven itself in the hands of hundreds of other builders, then the Renegade is perfect! The open cockpit biplane has a certain nostalgic eye appealing quality which is reflected in the Renegade Spirit.

Engine Model 582 912
Horse Power 65 80
Gross Weight (lb.) 950 950
Empty Weighht (lb.) 420-500 460-520
Useful Load (lb.) 450-530 430-490
Wing Area (sq. ft) 153.8 153.8
Take Off Run (ft) 350 300
Landing Roll (ft) 350 350
Stall, no power 40 40
Vne 120 120
Cruise 72 80
Rate of Climb

*Parts are special orders