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Yukon's Family Legacy

The Yukon follows in the success of the SR2500 Super Rebel and the Moose, using many common parts and design. Based largely on the original SR2500 platform, the concept of the Yukon was to offer a more affordable platform for builders to purchase, operate and maintain.

Where the Moose covers the heavy end of the spectrum with its fire breathing radial engine and up to six seats, the Yukon's approach is simplicity and functionality. Staying with four seats and a smaller, lighter powerplant, the Yukon can perform big tasks on a small budget. Using the same proven and beloved airfoil as the Rebel, Elite and Moose, the Yukon performance will be stellar with additional wing area to lower the wing loading and allow quicker takeoffs and slower landings.

Bushplane Heritage

The two large main doors and the standard extra large cargo door make the Yukon a real utility airplane. The huge cabin interior (two inches wider than a Cessna 180) easily accommodates bulky or long loads such as bikes, skis, furniture, lumber or camping supplies for four! The Yukon can even be used as a photographic platform with the rear baggage door removed.

Hard points for floats are standard and the wheels are adaptable to oversize tires for short, rough bush strips. You can fly almost anywhere carrying just about anything you want. This is a kit aircraft with great performance and airframe strength, the ability to carry a load and room to stow it.


If a semi-monocoque all-metal 4 seat kit airplane seems intimidating, fear not! The Yukon expands on the Murphy tradition of engineering excellence and simplicity. The Yukon is designed for the first time builder with no jigs required, using pre-punched match hole technology and a well laid out manual that leads you through the construction sequence step by step with CAD illustrations. As you gain confidence, you move from easy, introductory builds into more complex areas of the kit. As with all our kits, the principle of pre-punched holes matching substructures to skins ensures all assemblies are self-aligning. The kit builder is spared the task of critical measurements as all the attach points incorporate our unique alignment system. In most cases, ribs, spars and skins have no 'lefts' or 'rights' until they are assembled, (you ultimately assign and assemble a part to its specific duty on the aircraft)

Engine Options

The Yukon continues its versatility theme with a range of available engine options. The Yukon is at home with the economical Lycoming 360. 180 hp. engine providing affordable acquisition costs and reliable service. Want a little more power? Try the new Lycoming I0-390X engine with 210 HP


The fuselage utilizes semi-monocoque construe-lion. Bulkheads are stamped 6061-T6 aluminum and are self-aligning with the side skins. A sub floor is installed over the lower bulkheads providing a solid base and a flat floor for storing cargo. The cabin area is built over two immensely strong longitudinal spars providing a clean floor from the firewall to the back of the cargo area (120 inches). This cantilevered floor makes it possible for the Yukon to have large cabin doors giving easy entry and exit. Two high back adjustable bucket seats are provided up front and a wide based bench seat in the rear can be replaced with optional bucket seats for total control over your seating arrangements. The back seat gives ample leg and shoulder room, and together with the optional large side windows and cabin skylights, rear seat visibility is excellent.

The centre of the floor has an access tunnel that runs from the forward cabin to aft of the cargo area. All wiring, fuel lines, brake lines and controls are concealed beneath the floor in this tunnel. Loads can be tied down with no fear of jamming controls or interfering in anyway with the normal operation of the Yukon. The cargo area is cavernous and with the back seat removed, the cargo area substantially increases.


The wings are a very straightforward design. The modified NACA 4415 airfoil is a time proven profile providing a large centre of gravity range. The wing has a constant chord with no washout which yields reliable stall characteristics and simple assembly. The wing structure consists of three spars (front, main, rear), 12 stringers and 16 ribs. The stringers help the wing skins transfer torsional loads to the rest of the structure. The leading edge is .032 thick allowing for countersunk rivets if desired.

The first three bays at the root of each wing constitute the Yukon's fuel tank holding 30 US gallons per wing. The builder has the option to expand the fuel capacity to 40 gallons per side for increased range. Wingtips are premolded fibreglass with light aluminum sub structures. The wing is supported by a single custom extruded strut. All attach points on the wing are failsafe (as are all major load bearing members). They are constructed of multiple parts ... should one part fail the other parts continue to maintain structural integrity.

Counter Surfaces

Ailerons and flaps are simple, strong, and easy to assemble. They consist of a main spar, pre-formed ribs and a one-piece formed skin. As with the rest of the kit, no jigs are required and the assembly can be completed in less than 10 hours. This procedure is similar for the elevator and the rudder.

Control surfaces on the Yukon are mass and aerodynamically balanced. This is for two reasons: a mass balanced surface is very resistant lo flutter and aerodynamic balancing allows us to perfectly harmonize the control response.

The Yukon will make you feel at home on your first flight.

Horizontal Stabilizer and Fin

Both horizontal and vertical stabilizers are cantilevered and employ stringers to transfer torsional loads. The horizontal stabilizer has a constant chord with asymmetrical airfoil. Like the wing, the stab is a three-spar design with the fuselage picking up fittings on the main and rear spars.

Fast Build Option

A four seat metal bushplane is a substantial undertaking for anybody, in spite of the lengths that Murphy Aircraft goes to in making the assembly procedure an enjoyable and easy process, time, space or simply, "I'm not into this building thing" put a lot of potential Yukon owners off. So the Yukon Fast Build kit was born. All Fast Build Yukon kits come riveted together and corrosion protected. And are delivered to you with the following structures partially completed. Certain skins which must be removed to allow for inspection, are finished, but held in place with temporary soft aluminum rivets.

Wings - These are complete except for the fiberglass wing tip. Fuel tanks are sealed and pressure tested. Lower main wing skins are temporarily installed and require final riveting.

Tail Feathers - These are complete except for the aerodynamic balances. Bottom skins are temporarily installed.

Ailerons and Flaps - Partially assembled, and in the case of the ailerons, again the aerodynamic balances must be completed. These control surfaces are ready to mount on the wings for final adjustment. Bottom skins are temporarily installed.

Fuselage - Perhaps the most impressive assembly since it's ready to go on its gear, and the wings, including the lift struts, can be bolted in place. The builder can climb right inside and start working in the cabin to complete the installation of the controls, doors, inner floor, seats, windows, and instrument panel.

Fully approved to meet the 51% rule, meticulously assembled by skilled technicians and quality controlled, the Fast Build Yukon kit brings a new dimension to the design philosophy of Murphy Aircraft. Your family bushplane, perhaps something that would have remained only a dream to many, is now an achievable goal, even to the most reluctant builder.

Purchase Plans

The Yukon is available either as a complete kit, a fast build kit or in three component sub-kits:

  • Tail Kit - Horizontal Stab, Elevator and Rudder
  • Wing Kit - Wings, Wet Tanks, Ailerons, Flaps
  • Fuselage Kit - Fuselage and Vertical Fin

Each kit comes with everything required to complete the assemblies (parts, rivets, nuts & bolts, etc.) and a comprehensive CAD illustrated manual. The build time for the standard Yukon kit is estimated at around 2,000 hours, while the fastbuild kit reduces this to 1,000 or less. A two-car garage is more than ample room to build your Yukon and a single car garage could be used but completed assemblies would have to be stored elsewhere.

The Yukon offers the builder an all metal 4 place kit aircraft with great performance, unequaled carrying capacity and versatility. There are no special skills required to build the Yukon and its system of pre-punched matching holes assures a perfectly aligned finished product. The Yukon is a joy to fly and will provide you with many years of pleasurable, safe flying.

Available Kits and Build Options

Build Kits (US$)
The kit contains all the components you will need to build your YUKON from the firewall back and from the ground up. Standard features include spring gear, 36"cargo door, dual fuel tanks 60 US gallon total capacity, dual controls, wheels & brakes, electric elevator trim. tires & tubes, formed windshield, boarding step, aluminum stabilizer fairing, front bucket and rear bench seats. The kit does not include the engine, instruments, fiberglass stabilizer fairing, upholstery or chemicals. Optional 80 GAL tanks available
Crating Charges (US$)
COMPLEET KIT (Less Cowling)
Options (US$)
EXTENDED FUEL TANKS: (increases capacity to 80 US gal)
LEADING EDGE LANDING LIGHT KIT (requires bulb & bezel)
Call for price
Call for price

Model / Design Specifications

Lycoming 0-360
Lycoming I0-390
180 hp
210 hp
Gross Weight
2550 lb
2550 lb
Empty Weight
1400-1450 lb
1400-1450 lb
Useful Load
1100-1150 lb
1100-1150 lb
G Limit Ulitimate
+5.7 -3.8
+5.7 -3.8
Wing Area
190 sqft
190 sqft
Power Loading
14.1 hp
12.1 hp
Take Off Run
400 ft
350 ft
Landing Roll
500 ft
500 ft
Never Exceed V
177 mph
177 mph
Top Speed
135 mph
145 mph
Cruise @ 75%
120-125 mph
130-135 mph
Fuel Capacity
60 gal
60 gal
Range @ 75%
5.5 hours
4.7 hours

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