About Us

Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Limited has been at the forefront of light aircraft design and manufacturing for over three decades. Founded on the principles of innovation, safety, and craftsmanship, we are dedicated to providing pilots and aviation enthusiasts with exceptional aircraft that truly stand the test of time.

Our journey began in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, where Darryl Murphy’s vision of creating versatile, rugged, and reliable aircraft took flight. Today, Murphy Aircraft is recognized globally for our diverse range of high-quality kit aircraft. From the rugged Rebel to the spacious Moose, and the versatile Elite, our planes are designed to meet the varied needs of the aviation community.

Mission: Our mission is to empower the spirit of adventure in aviators around the world by providing aircraft that are not only safe and reliable but also fun to fly. We are committed to innovation, continually refining our designs and incorporating the latest in aviation technology to enhance performance and the flying experience.

Values: At Murphy Aircraft, we are driven by a passion for aviation and a commitment to excellence. Our values are reflected in every aircraft we produce.

Quality: We use only the highest quality materials and meticulous manufacturing processes to ensure each aircraft meets our rigorous standards.

Safety: Safety is paramount in everything we do. Our designs undergo extensive testing to ensure they provide the utmost in reliability and peace of mind.

Innovation: We are constantly exploring new designs, technologies, and methods to improve our aircraft, making them more efficient, easier to build, and more enjoyable to fly.

Customer Support: Building and flying your own aircraft is an extraordinary journey, and we’re here to support our customers every step of the way, from the initial kit selection to your first flight and beyond.

What Sets Us Apart: Our commitment to providing a personalized building experience sets us apart. Whether you’re a first-time builder or an experienced aviator, our team is dedicated to supporting your aircraft journey. Our kits are designed for ease of assembly, with clear instructions and support just a phone call away.

At Murphy Aircraft, we’re not just manufacturing planes; we’re building dreams. Join us in the skies and experience the freedom and joy of flying a Murphy Aircraft.

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  • Murphy Renegade


    Renegade - a single-seat biplane was designed by Darryl Murphy


  • 1985

    Murphy Aviation was founded (later renamed  as Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing)

  • Murphy Rebel


    Murphy Rebel

  • Murphy Maverick


    Murphy Maverick

  • Murphy Aircraft


    Murphy Elite

  • Murphy Yukon


    Murphy Yukon

  • Murphy Moose


    Murphy Moose

  • Murphy Radical


    Murphy Radical

Murphy Moose