Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What distinguishes Murphy Aircraft from other manufacturers?

A: Superior craftsmanship, innovative designs, and excellent performance set Murphy Aircraft apart.

A: Murphy Aircraft provides a diverse range of aircraft to accommodate various pilot needs, like Rebel, Elite, Moose and Radical.

A: Through advanced manufacturing, high-grade materials, and strict quality control processes.

A: Technical support by email or phone.

A: Flexible options including complete kits or sub-kits are offered to suit customer preferences.

A: Delivery times vary based on model availability, customization, and production schedules, with accurate estimates provided by the sales team.

A: Yes, test flights can be arranged to experience performance and handling firsthand.

A: Murphy Aircraft facilitates international sales, managing export and delivery.

A: Periodic promotions and discounts are offered, inquire with sales representatives for details.

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