Murphy Moose

Murphy Aircraft

The Murphy Moose is a four to six seat, high wing, aluminum kit aircraft. Gross weight of 3,500 lbs. and a useful load ranging from 1,550 to 1,850 lbs. Engine Options range from a Lycoming IO-540 to a M-14P radial engine giving a horsepower spread from 250HP to 550HP! 

If you choose to mount the M-14P on your Moose, you will be the proud owner of an aircraft that not only looks like its distant cousin, the de Havilland Beaver, but also sound and perform like one too. Some Moose are equipped with PT6-20 turbine!

Regardless of which engine you choose to install, whether it’s on wheel or floats, the Moose has excellent flying qualities, impressive performance, and unparalleled utility!

Easy To Assemble
The Moose is designed for the first time builder. No building jigs required. Instead, we are using pre-punched match hole technology along with a well laid out manual to lead you through the construction phase.

In many areas, The Moose can be initially laid out and assembled without even drilling a hole.

Building process is designed, from easy,introductory builds into more complex areas of the kit. Pre-punched holes matching substructures to skins ensure all assemblies are self-aligning. When you finish a component, the part is ready to go flying… no fabric covering, or dope required.

Murphy Moose
Murphy Aircraft

Built-In Utility
The two large main doors, removable seats, seat rails that double as cargo tie downs, plus the standard extra-large cargo door, make the Moose a real utility airplane. The huge cabin interior is two inches wider than a Cessna 180.

It can easily accommodate bulky or long loads such as bikes, skis, furniture, lumber, 55-gallon drums, or camping supplies. The Moose can even accommodate a class of parachute jumpers or be used as a photographic platform with the baggage door removed.

Hard points for floats are standard and the wheels are adaptable to oversized tires for short, rough bush strips. You can fly almost anywhere carrying just about anything you want. This is a kit aircraft with great performance and airframe strength, the ability to carry a load and room to stow it…

Safety and Durability

The majority of the Moose structure uses the Avex rivet for final assembly. This is a blind rivet used by many certified aircraft on flight and control surfaces. It is extremely ‘user friendly’ due to the rivets ability to draw material together and expand into elongated holes. The builder is assured a finished product built as it was designed, even if every hole is not drilled to perfection. 

Since these are pulled rivets, you do not need a second person for bucking and therefore, the work progresses more quickly and much more quietly than with solid rivets and without fear of damaging skins. Obviously, the major advantage of using a blind rivet is a simplified final assembly.

Designed for safety and serviceability, Moose is easy to assemble, inspect and service. Every critical nut and bolt in the aircraft is accessible through pre-punched inspection panels. Major load bearing members have been designed with fail safe redundancy, should one part fail the other parts continue to maintain structural integrity.

Murphy Moose
Murphy Moose
Murphy Aircraft


The assembly manual outlines standard practices and techniques adopted by the aviation industry to ensure your aircraft will live a long and healthy life. You are building an airframe that is virtually maintenance free for many years to come!


The wings are a very straightforward design. The modified NACA 4415 airfoil is a time proven profile providing a large centre of gravity range. The wing has a constant chord with no washout, which yields reliable stall characteristics and simple assembly. The wing structure consists of three spars (front, main, rear), 12 stringers and 16 ribs. The stringers help the wing skins transfer torsional loads to the rest of the structure. The leading edge is .032, allowing for countersunk rivets (if desired).

The first four bays at the root of each wing constitute the Moose’s fuel tank holding up to 40 US gallons per wing. The builder has the option to expand the fuel capacity to 50 gallons per side for increased range. Wingtips are pre-molded fiberglass with light aluminum sub structures. The wing is supported by a single custom extruded strut with a 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/8″ square tube running through its length — another fail-safe fitting.  

All attach points on the wing are fail-safe (as are all major load bearing members). They are constructed of multiple parts… should one part fail the other parts continue to maintain structural integrity.

Murphy Moose

Control Surfaces

Ailerons and flaps are simple, strong, and easy to assemble. They consist of a main spar (which is pre-punched for rib location), pre-formed ribs and a one-piece formed skin. As with the rest of the kit, no jigs are required, and the assembly can be completed in less than 10 hours. This procedure is similar for the elevator and the rudder. 

Control surfaces on the Moose are mass and aerodynamically balanced. This is for two reasons: a mass balanced surface is very resistant to flutter and aerodynamic balancing allows us to perfectly harmonize the control response.  

The Moose will make you feel at home from your first flight.

Horizontal Stabilizer and Fin

Both horizontal and vertical stabilizers are cantilevered and employ stringers to transfer torsional loads. The horizontal stabilizer has a constant chord with a symmetrical airfoil. Like the wing, the stab is a three-spar design with the fuselage picking up fittings on the main and rear spars. The skin is a one-piece pre-formed aluminum wrap-around.

The Trike Moose

The illustrations are of a super rebel on trike gear , coming soon as an option on the moose.

Engine Options

The Moose continues its versatility theme with a range of available engine options.

Lycoming Engines:

O-540 Series: This big, smooth-running 6-cylinder engine is perfect for those regularly carrying heavy loads, operating from restricted strips, or simply enjoying the reliability of American power.
IO-540 Series: If you need a little more power, the IO-540 offers the same smoothness with an added boost, making it ideal for hot days. Murphy Aircraft can provide factory-new Lycoming engines at special OEM prices that may surprise you!

Russian M-14P Radial Engine:

For the ultimate in performance and aesthetics, the Russian M-14P radial engine generates 360 hp, ensuring take-offs at gross weight are effortless. Optional configurations can increase the power to 400 hp. Whether it’s the distinctive start-up smoke or the need for the ultimate power source, the M-14P will make your Moose stand out on the ramp.

LS3 Aircraft Engine:

For those seeking modern technology and efficiency, the LS3 Aircraft Engine is an excellent choice. Derived from the renowned automotive LS engine series, the LS3 offers 430 hp, providing high performance and reliability. Its lightweight design and fuel efficiency make it a popular choice for pilots who want a blend of power and modern engineering.

Pratt & Whitney PT6A-20A Turboprop:

For the pinnacle of turboprop performance, the PT6A-20A offers unmatched reliability and power. With 550 hp, this engine ensures exceptional take-off performance, even under challenging conditions. Its proven track record in various aviation applications makes it a trusted choice for those who demand the best in performance and reliability.

Whether you prioritize American craftsmanship with Lycoming, the distinctive appeal of the M-14P radial engine, the modern efficiency of the LS3, or the unmatched performance of the PT6A-20A, the Moose has an engine option to meet your needs and elevate your flying experience. 

Please contact Murphy Aircraft team to discuss about it!

Purchase Plan

The Murphy Moose is available either as a complete kit, a fast build kit or in three component sub-kits:

TAIL KIT – Horizontal Stab, Elevator and Rudder

WING KIT – Wings, Wet Tanks, Ailerons, Flaps

FUSELAGE KIT – Fuselage and Vertical Fin

Each kit comes with everything required to complete the assemblies (parts, rivets, nuts & bolts, etc.) and a comprehensive CAD illustrated manual. The build time for the standard Moose kit is estimated at around 3,000 hours while the fast build kit reduces this time by 50%. A two-car garage is more than ample room to build in and a single car garage could be used but completed assemblies would have to be stored elsewhere. Final assembly takes more room for the mounting of the wings.

The Murphy Moose offers the builder an all metal 4 to 6 place kit aircraft with great performance, unequaled carrying capacity and versatility. There are no special skills required to build the Moose and its system of pre-punched matching holes assures a perfectly aligned finished product. 

The Murphy Moose is a joy to fly and will provide you with many years of pleasurable, safe flying.

Model NameMOOSE
Engine ModelIO-540M-14PPT6-20ALS 3
Horse Power300360550525 / 480
Gross Weight (kg.)1,5881,58815881588
Empty Weight (kg.)770861690-
Useful Load (kg.)818727898-
Wing Area (sq.m)17171717
Take Off Run (m)24018360145
Landing Roll (m)18318380-
Stall, no power (km/h)93939393
Vne (km/h)304304304304
Cruise (km/h)230241257282
Rate of Climb (mpm)4574571036457
Fuel Cap (L)378378378378
Range (km)9821279-1760
Wing Span (m)11
Length (m)8.4
Height (m)2.87
Note: The stated performance figures are estimates only, based on text book analysis and design criteria. Empty weights may vary due to avionics, instruments, type and amount of paint and upholstery chosen by builder.
Model NameMOOSE
Engine ModelIO-540M-14PPT6-20ALS 3
Horse Power300360550525 / 480
Gross Weight (lb.)3501350135013501
Empty Weight (lb.)169818981521-
Useful Load (lb.)180316031980-
Wing Area (sq.ft)183183183183
Take Off Run (ft)787600197475
Landing Roll (ft)600600262-
Stall, no power (mi/h)58585858
Vne (mi/h)189189189189
Cruise (mi/h)143150160-
Rate of Climb (fpm)1500150033991500
Fuel Cap (gal)100100100100
Range (nm)530691-950
Wing Span (ft)36
Length (ft)28
Height (ft)9
Note: The stated performance figures are estimates only, based on text book analysis and design criteria. Empty weights may vary due to avionics, instruments, type and amount of paint and upholstery chosen by builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the estimated delivery time for Moose?

A: The estimated delivery time for Moose

Complete kit: 6-8 months

Sub kit: 4 months