Experience and Cutting
Edge Technology

Murphy Aircraft is one of the limited number of manufacturers making use of computer-operated and controlled hole punching and laser cutting machines for accuracy in hole alignment and achieving precision in manufacturing large parts.

High Quality and
Rigorous Testing

At Murphy Aircraft, a process of rigorous destructive and non-destructive testing is conducted, as per our protocol, to ensure all major components meet, and surpass certifiable standards.

Our Intrduction

Build & Fly
Your Dream

Murphy Aircraft has had consistent expansion in aircraft designs, sales, staff, equipment, capabilities, and ambitions since its foundation in 1985. Murphy’s 50,000-square-foot building, computer-driven gear, and growing technical team are prepared to take on various development and manufacturing projects. Murphy Aircraft is one of the few companies that uses computer-controlled punching machines for precise whole alignment and large-part fabrication. All critical components are subjected to extensive destructive and non-destructive testing to guarantee that they meet or exceed certifiable requirements. All leading manufacturing is done at Murphy Aircraft’s production plant by a fully trained workforce to provide the highest level of quality control. Murphy Aircraft is also fully equipped with high-volume presses and other equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to handle the demand for its aircraft.

Explore Our Aircraft

Rebel Aircraft

The Rebel is an aluminum high wing, tail dragger with long range cruising capability and more leg, head, and shoulder room than you’ll find in any comparably priced aircraft kit. It is adaptable to oversized tires, floats, as well as skis, making it the plane for all seasons, all reasons.

Renegade Aircraft

If your preference is for the classic look, but you’d also like some modern performance numbers, the Renegade may be perfect. If you think you would enjoy following rivers in an open cockpit airplane and throwing yourself through an occasional loop or roll, the Renegade should be perfect. If you want a rugged biplane that goes together quickly, costs less than any other aerobatic biplane kit out there, and that has proven itself in the hands of hundreds of other builders, then the Renegade is perfect! The open cockpit biplane has a certain nostalgic eye appealing quality which is reflected in the Renegade Spirit.

Maverik aircraft

In many ways the Maverick is a scaled down Rebel… an ultralight aircraft with a big plane feel to it. Building a Maverick is probably a whole lot easier, quicker, and more economical than you think. You do not need any special skills, any materials beyond what you can order for a kit. We’ve even covered all the logical options so you can get it all at once… from one source. If you have access to the space of a one car garage, and some common hand tools, you can start building. Even with no experience in fabric covering, you will skin the wings and tail surprisingly easily with the help of a household iron and a paint brush. If you’re willing to give it your spare time attention on a steady basis, you’ll be in the air in less than a year.

Moose aircraft

Versatility: the ability to adapt easily. Murphy Aircraft’s SR3500 Moose aircraft was designed with versatility foremost in mind. Seating for four is standard and adding the optional rear jump seats increases seating to six (US models only). With four seats in place, there is ample room for two tents, coolers, chairs and camping gear for four. Engine options range from the Lycoming O-540 series of engines to the 9-cylinder, 360 hp. M-14P radial engine. No lacking power here! A true workhorse, the Murphy Moose is the perfect STOL aircraft capable of operating from any surface on wheels, floats or skis. A perfect project for the first time builder with a big family or big ambitions!

Murphy Floats

The Adventure Begins, Enhance Your Experience

The adventure begins, so make the most of it. Murphy Aircraft has

produced a variety of all aluminum straight and amphibious float

modifications to increase the utility of your Rebel or Elite and give you

access to those hidden lakes in the backcountry. Murphy Aircraft

currently produces two weight categories of floats: 1500 and 1800

pounds displacement.