In many ways the Maverick is a scaled-down Rebel… an ultralight aircraft with a big plane feel to it. Building a Maverick is probably a whole lot easier, quicker, and more economical than you think. You do not need any special skills or any materials beyond what you can order for a kit. We’ve even covered all the logical options so you can get it all at once… from one source. If you have access to the space of a one-car garage, and some common hand tools, you can start building. Even with no experience in fabric covering, you will skin the wings and tail surprisingly easily with the help of a household iron and a paintbrush. If you’re willing to give it your spare time attention on a steady basis, you’ll be in the air in less than a year.

Engine ModelO-503O-582
Horse Power5565
Gross Weight (lb.)950950
Empty Weighht (lb.)395-420460-520
Useful Load (lb.)530-420490-510
Wing Area (sq. ft)147147
Take Off Run (ft)150100
Landing Roll (ft)200200
Stall, no power3232
Rate of Climb600900